Advance Lead Management Software Solution for Enterprise Business

January 18, 2018 / in News Releases / by vyakar

Enterprise businesses face tough competition in the demanding market today. In order to accomplish their business goals and mark a stable growth, an enterprise business needs adequate lead management strategy. Unfortunately, the lack of adequate strategy causes lead management mistakes that a business keeps repeating. This explains the boost in lead routing salesforce.

Santa Clara, CA. (January 18, 2018) – Leads are incredibly perishable and lead response rates show a dramatic decline within a few hours of web registration. Prospect’s attention moves to other things quickly and a vast majority of a website visitors don’t have a recollection of the company 48 hours later. Taking too long to manage and nurture leads without leading routing software is the most common mistake that enterprise businesses repeat.

The second mistake is giving up too soon. Even though leads are perishable, they don’t come with a real expiration date. It is not uncommon for businesses to discard some leads after a few days thinking “things are not working out”. That said, a great deal of company’s business can come from leads that were presumed dead or unresponsive if they are nurtured over a long period. Advance lead routing allows enterprise businesses to avoid this mistake and many others.

Lead routers come handy for all businesses, regardless of the size, as an ideal approach toward lead management to avoid common pitfalls. Implementation of the software allows an enterprise to make one step closer to the accomplishment of their goals. Not all lead routers are the same; Vyakar’s software stands out as a premium choice. The software helps establish lead routing sales operations based on the unique needs and preferences of your enterprise.

The B2B lead router is highly customizable and comes with a superb combination of lead-account matching engine and a cutting-edge AI-based machine learning. The software is easy to configure and use, thus making the entire lead management process easier for everyone. The lead router is designed to periodically check for the active status of salespeople and generate an error notification in instances when a routing rule becomes invalid due to reasons such as removed or deleted salespeople.

A great advantage of Vyakar’s B2B lead routing software is its versatility thanks to numerous features such as unified data dictionary, data normalization, partner lead routing, a product line based lead routing, and others. Moreover, the router works perfectly across different platforms.

The lead router from Vyakar is powered by an intelligent data standardization engine and it is created with the purpose to help businesses save time. The technology identifies related data groups and fills in the gaps such as ZIP code, thus allowing marketers to focus on other projects.

About Vyakar: is a sales and marketing operations company whose name derives from a Sanskrit word Vyakaran which stands for the rules underlying the structure of language. The company specializes in the rules of language in order to help both big and small companies improve their sales and marketing goals. Vyakar uses the cutting-edge technology to make customizable software that a business enterprise can easily implement and manage leads better than ever.