Vyakar Makes it Easier to Match Lead Lists

March 8, 2018 / in News Releases / by vyakar

Vyakar list matching software allows users to match company and leads lists easily. The easy-to-use software is made with the intention to enable users to generate more qualified leads and manage them better. Visit Vyakar’s official website to learn more.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Regardless of the business you have, lead generation is the primary goal is one of key marketing function. It is equally important to qualify and route these leads. For highly efficient sales organization, a properly and timely routed lead is gold. For B2B sales organization, a lot of lead routing depends on matching the lead against correct account. Matching company lists against the lead doesn’t have to be a complicated task when proper software is used.
Different factors influence the accuracy of the match including data points and other parameters. It’s also important to point out that business world is competitive and changes constantly, new companies are established, some of them go bust, others are bought by bigger companies. Lead matching and routing software from Vyakar is able to keep up with these continuous changes. The software allows users to fuzzy match company name by defining match rules to either Always Match or Never Match.

While performing a match company names process, the software algorithm could potentially come across an item that is in the undetermined area between the items you have already search for and those you did not. Users can check these unconfirmed fuzzy match account lists from time to time and resolve them manually. What makes Vyakar software for match account lists so unique is the fact it works perfectly with other platforms, users can integrate it easily without having to struggle or change platforms just use this tool. The fuzzy matching tool is a result of hard work on an algorithm that can find, match and help users create lists, company names, and other parameters regardless of the size of their business and level of expertise.

About Vyakar: Vyakar is a Santa Clara, CA based company offering services in Lead Routing, Marketing Segmentation and Lead to Account matching. We use set of complex rules, dictionary and machine learning to deliver business results. Our products are integrated with major marketing automation systems and CRM, as well as designed to work standalone using web services for custom use cases.