Vyakar Presents Fuzzy Lead to Account Match Service

March 13, 2018 / in News Releases / by vyakar

Lead to account matching is the future of lead management and routing to increase sales and achieve greater business success. Vyakar developed an easy-to-use highly customizable software that performs lead to account fuzzy matching yielding accurate results. Try demo here.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – what makes successful companies stand out is their ability to keep up with the latest trends and industry demands while using the best technology to make every part of their business easier. Vyakar’s lead to account matching software allows businesses to get the most out of their marketing by allowing easy account based segmentation and lead routing.
The software is easy to use and integrate. Essentially, fuzzy matching is defined as a method that performs word-based matching queries to look for sentences or phrases that match it from a database. When no exact matches are found, the fuzzy matching algorithm then finds the best probable match.

The algorithm can fuzzy match company name while identifying the difference between old and new names of the companies. Many companies underestimate the power and importance of match company lists, but they are crucial for proper lead management process and increased sales. The software can match company names based on acronyms, company suffixes, email and web domain, and many other parameters.

Vyakar’s fuzzy match software is specifically built to match the geographically closer accounts when multiple locations are available unless you specify otherwise. The flexibility of the software makes fuzzy matching account lists an easy and prolific experience. In addition, the algorithm helps match companies which changed names due to acquisitions and mergers to make match account lists as accurate as possible.
Unlike many other tools of this kind, Vyakar’s software is highly customizable. After all, every business is different and comes with a unique set of needs and goals, you need a software that can make you achieve them.

About Vyakar: Vyakar is a Santa Clara, CA based company offering services in Lead Routing, Marketing Segmentation and Lead to Account matching. We use set of complex rules, dictionary and machine learning to deliver business results. Our products are integrated with major marketing automation systems and CRM, as well as designed to work standalone using web services for custom use cases.