Vyakar’s Lead Routing Technology

January 16, 2018 / in News Releases / by vyakar

Vyakar Lead Router is the most advanced lead router available, and is designed to work with any CRM. Read more to explore the key features and available configuration.

Santa Clara, CA (January 16, 2018) – Survival in the competitive market and consistent business growth requires a well-structured marketing strategy. The era of technology and the internet has made it easier for businesses, big and small, to adopt various branding techniques and employ a number of marketing strategies in order to reach their target audience. Marketing techniques revolve around generating leads, but that is not enough to achieve desired targets and mark a substantial business growth. What to do with the generated leads? Leading routing with in your CRM system involves the use of technology that manages and nurtures the leads to increase the likelihood of converting them into customers.

The lead routing software developed by Vyakar allows its users to customize it in the way they see fit for optimal leads management and nurture. The technology is intuitive and very easy to use meaning users do not need exceptional skills to start working with the software. This is a major advantage of our lead router as many solutions currently in market are too complicated to use. Thanks to the drag-and-drop interface, one can easily define and customize leading routing rules.

Vyakar includes lead-account matching engine and cutting-edge AI-based machine learning business-use cases. The advance lead routing takes management and nurturing of leads to a whole new level and improves their conversion into customers. In turn, marketing strategy becomes more effective and the business itself grows perpetually.
Lead routing for sales operations make the entire process easy and seamless. The technology works perfectly across platforms and does not require complex codes and confusing flow charts. Users are in full control of the process. For instance, one can opt to route to an individual, a queue or a team of sales people in round robin manner.

The B2B lead router checks the active status of sales people and generates error notifications when necessary. This user-friendly software can be configured in a fashion that converts leads into contacts automatically while the unified data dictionary defines and implements business acronyms for a better understanding of lead management, generation, and overall business growth.
Bearing in mind that different scenarios can occur out of blue and one’s ability to cope with them determines marketing or business success, Vyakar software can address and overcome obstacle arising due to change in routing requirements. Benefits of this B2B lead routing platform are numerous and include data normalization, unified data dictionary, partner lead routing, competitors scrubbing, advanced geographical mapping, and others.

About Vyakar: Vyakar.com is a sales and marketing operations company that provides solutions to improve marketing and sales efforts. The company offers solutions regarding lead operations, lead routing, list matching, management, and many others. Thanks to the desire to learn and evolve, Vyakar introduces technologies that are easy to use and integrate for optimal results. The software is highly customizable and fits perfectly the needs of every company regardless of its size.