Vyakar’s Lead to Account Fuzzy Matching Gets Global Attention

December 22, 2017 / in News Releases / by vyakar

Vyakar, the leading B2B Lead Routing Company Head Quartered in Santa Clara, CA USA has introduced machine learning augmented fuzzy matching services at affordable prices. The algorithm provides enterprises with ample flexibility to define their own custom rules, adjust match confidence factor and manually resolve the close calls.

Santa Clara, CA (December 22, 2017) – Lead management and lead routing is one of those key Sales Business processes that help businesses gain an extra mile in terms of faster growth and enhanced productivity while maintaining robust customer relation management system at the same time. However, there are many entities that are yet to be enlightened about comprehensive b2b lead routing, which is a more sophisticated and evolved process to help entities grow and prosper in tune with the current architecture of business landscape.

Vyakar, a revolutionary lead management platform based in Santa Clara CA, has made phenomenal difference among small and large business/corporate entities alike with a wide range of evolved services like lead routing solutions, of which fuzzy and list matching are gaining extreme popularity.

As has been expressed by a long list of happy clients, core fuzzy matching features like web domain and acronym match, merger and acquisition, and geo sensitive match have resulted in tangible productivity in favor of their business endeavors. The movers, shakers and decision makers in Vyakar have further expressed their plans of expanding the scope of their lead routing software’s so as to enhance relevance of the same to just about any and every entity irrespective of their nature and volume.

About Vyakar:
Vyakar is one of the leading lead management companies based in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The company has risen in popularity with small and large businesses alike for offering a treasure trove of lead generation and management solutions that make a tangible difference in their growth and productivity.